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Boeing to press Obama administration on Iran for license extensions, additional sales

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ABU DHABI — Boeing plans to obtain U.S. permission to sell additional aerospace equipment to Iran.

Executives said the U.S. defense major would return to the administration of President Barack Obama for licenses to sustain initial sales to Teheran in April 2014. They said Boeing would act after any extension of the current interim nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 nations.

Iran could buy additional equipment from Boeing if sanctions are lifted. / AP

Iran could buy additional equipment from Boeing if sanctions are lifted. / AP

“We are very supportive of operating within the guidelines and if we can get the license extended in support of our customers then we would plan to do that,” Boeing vice president Martin Bentrott said.

Bentrott, responsible for international sales, spoke on the sidelines of the Arab Air Carriers Organization in Dubai in mid-November. He told the UAE’s Gulf News that Boeing remains restricted in what could be sold to Iran.

“They are operating a number of aeroplanes that are very old and so being able to access spare parts for those aeroplanes is very important,” Bentrott said.

Boeing became the first U.S. aerospace manufacturer since 1979 to sell aircraft parts to Iran. In October, the company reported sales of $120,000 and voiced expectations of additional deals.

“We have not been able to get into detailed discussions,” Bentrott, referring to Teheran, said.

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